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About NEDO

Following the two oil crises of the 1970s, the need for energy diversification increased. Against this backdrop, NEDO was established as a semi-governmental organization in 1980 to promote the development and introduction of new energy technologies. Research and development of industrial technology was subsequently added, and today NEDO has two missions and is active in a wide variety of areas as Japan's largest public research and development management organization.

title 'mission'

■ Addressing energy and global environmental problems

 NEDO actively undertakes the development of new energy and energy conservation technologies, verification of technical results, and introduction and dissemination of new technologies (e.g., support for introduction). Through these efforts, NEDO promotes greater utilization of new energy and improved energy conservation. NEDO also contributes to a stable energy supply and the resolution of global environmental problems by promoting the demonstration of new energy, energy conservation and environmental technologies abroad base on knowledge obtained from domestic projects.

■ Enhancement of Japan's industrial competitiveness

 NEDO pursues research and development of industrial technology, which is the foundation for Japan's industrial competitiveness, with the goal of commercializing advanced new technology. Drawing on the combined efforts of industry, academia and government as well as its considerable management know-how, NEDO carries out projects to explore future technology seeds as well as mid- to long-term national projects that form the basis of industrial competitiveness. It also supports research related to practical application.

title 'nedo's role


 Promotion of research and development of energy, environmental and industrial technologies as well as acquisition of emission reduction credits through the Kyoto Mechanisms.


 Development, demonstration and introduction of promising technologies that private sector enterprises cannot transfer to the practical application stage by themselves due to the high risk and long development period required.


 Efficient project management making the best use of technology development capabilities and know-how of industry, academia and government.

title 'postitioning of nedo' Figure 'positioning of nedo'

 NEDO is an Incorporated Administrative Agency established based on the Law on General Rules for Incorporated Administrative Agencies and the Incorporated Administrative Agency New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization Law.

Last Updated : August 13, 2013