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Chairman's Message

photo of nedo's chairman

Kazuo Furukawa
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

Creating innovation and offering superior solutions from Japan

 Since it was established in 1980, the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) has been Japan's largest public research and development management organization. In this role NEDO undertakes technology development and demonstration activities to carry out two basic missions, addressing energy and global environment issues and enhancing Japan's industrial competitiveness, by integrating the combined efforts of industry, academia and government.

 NEDO's first mission is to contribute to the development of energy and environmental technology, which it has focused on since 1980. Over the years NEDO has been widely recognized for its role in the establishment of a world-leading technical foundation for new energy and energy conservation technologies, including photovoltaic power generation and fuel cells. Last year, the importance of promoting renewable energy and energy conservation was acknowledged once again in notable developments such as the start of a feed-in tariff system for renewable energy, and I believe that NEDO now plays a greater role than ever before. Technology development activities in the renewable energy field are steadily coming to fruition, such as Japan's first offshore wind facility coming into operation at the end of last year. Going forward, a major goal will be to pursue the potential of renewable energy and deliver it to the market, and to achieve that goal, NEDO will promote the development of technology to achieve even greater efficiency and cost reduction.

 NEDO's second mission is to enhance industrial competitiveness, which is an extremely important undertaking considering the difficult conditions Japan is currently facing. In order for Japanese companies to cope with rapidly advancing firms from developing countries, while competing at the same level as companies from Europe and the United States, there is an increasing need for open innovation. NEDO is playing a key role as a catalyst for collaboration between industry, academia and government by actively promoting exchanges of knowledge and ideas between private sector companies, universities and public research institutes. In addition, there has been a strong need for disaster response efforts following the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011, and active support driven by NEDO is needed in this field.

 As Japan's largest public research and development management organization, NEDO is simultaneously carrying out its two missions and fulfilling its duty to contribute to society.

 In response to a recent increase in open and global innovation, NEDO has been promoting international demonstration projects in Europe, the United States and Asian countries. The projects aim at establishment of world standard technology as well as market development by drawing on established research networks in collaboration with foreign governments and relevant organizations. Through these efforts, NEDO believes that Japan's advanced smart community, water resource management, recycling and other technologies can be disseminated worldwide, leading not only to the strengthening of Japan's global competitiveness and support for system exports but also contributing to the resolution of international environmental and social issues. In conjunction with these efforts, NEDO intends to take steady steps to acquire credits through the Kyoto Mechanisms based on Japan's energy and environmental technologies in order to contribute to the fulfillment of Japan's Kyoto Protocol obligation and to support sustainable development of developing countries, where a rapid increase in greenhouse gas emissions is expected.

 NEDO is addressing global social issues such as energy challenges, resource constraints and other issues by making full use of Japan's technologies. We have renewed our commitment to addressing future challenges by continually assessing economic and social needs as well as global trends and then pursuing the creation of new social systems through innovative technology development. At the same time, NEDO is continuing to carry out its original mission of coordinating the efforts of industry, academia and government.

Last Updated : August 13, 2013