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NEDO Project Activities (Budget: 1.27 billion US dollars)

NEDO aims to address energy problems and raise the level of industrial technology through integrated management of technology development from the discovery of technology seeds to the promotion of mid- to long-term projects and support for practical application.

National Projects (1.17 billion US dollars)

NEDO coordinates and integrates the technological capabilities of private enterprises and research abilities of universities, instead of hiring its own researchers, and organizes technology development activities as national projects to realize fundamental technologies (including technology demonstrations) that are diffi cult for private enterprises to develop by themselves due to the high level of risk before practical application.

  • New energy (380.9 million US dollars)
  • Energy conservation (91.8 million US dollars)
  • Rechargeable batteries and energy systems (30 million US dollars)
  • Clean coal technology (139.1 million US dollars)
  • Environment and resource conservation (23.6 million US dollars)
  • Electronics, information, and telecommunications(111.8 million US dollars)
  • Materials and nanotechnology (113.6 million US dollars)
  • Robot technology (99.1 million US dollars)
  • New manufacturing technology (29.1 million US dollars)
  • Crossover and peripheral fields (0.9 million US dollars)

Support for International Expansion (150.9 million US dollars)

Includes JCM demonstration and verifi cation projects

Public Solicitation for Proposal Activities (38.2 million US dollars)

For urgent economic and social issues which need to be immediately addressed in Japan, NEDO publicly solicits proposals on technology development themes which contribute to addressing such issues, and then supports and promotes them.

* As only an outline of NEDO’ s activities is shown above, individual budget amounts do not equal the total.

* Budget amounts are calculated at a rate of 110 yen per US dollar.

Last Updated : August 16, 2017