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Project Management I

Delivering state-of-the-art techologies through initiatives

As technology development activities are becoming increasingly competitive worldwide, NEDO actively collects information on technology fields both inside and outside of Japan. Such information is then used to formulate technology strategies, set milestones, and develop project plans.

NEDO sets goals for technology development by studying domestic and international technology trends and consulting with experts. Project planning is conducted by looking five to ten years into the future.

NEDO promotes technology development projects as well as large-scale demonstration projects which are difficult for private sector companies to carry out by themselves.

After a project is completed, an evaluation is conducted by a third party and the project’s results are thoroughly assessed. In addition, NEDO conducts follow-up monitoring of results to examine the economic and social effects of the project. Information collected during monitoring is also used to improve future project management.

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Last Updated : July 25, 2016