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Project Management II

Delivering state-of-the-art technologies through initiatives
Collaboration and Agreements with foreign countries
諸外国との連携・協定のイメージ写真 NEDO promotes international cooperation and introduces Japanese technology to the world. In order to address energy and global environmental problems using Japan’s state-of-the-art technologies and collect information, NEDO enters into agreements with institutions in various countries and supports cooperative activities.

Taking a global approach through Standardization Activities and Intellectual Property Strategy

標準化活動・知財戦略のイメージ写真 NEDO contributes to the establishment of international standards by offering test data to ISO/IEC technical committees. NEDO also provides support to research teams participating in a project for consensus building regarding intellectual property in order to expedite practical application.
Public Relations for disseminating easy-to-understand information
広報活動のイメージ写真 In order to disseminate the results of publicly funded technology development in an easy-to-understand form, NEDO works hard to publicize results using a variety of approaches such as press conferences, project site tours, and meetings to report results.
■Supporting Practical Application
Diverse Human Resource Networks
人材ネットワークのイメージ写真 Committees on adoption, evaluation, technology, and other issues are appropriately organized by making use of NEDO's network of outside specialists and experts from industry, academia, and research institutes.
Commercialization Support for Research and Development Ventures
事業化支援のイメージ写真 Projects are carried out with a special focus on small and medium-sized enterprises and venture businesses. Active support is offered for developing new industries in Japan.
Promoting practical application through Business Matching
ビジネスマッチングのイメージ写真 Results obtained from NEDO projects are publicly disclosed at matching events and exhibitions both inside and outside of Japan. In this way, new potential needs are discovered and connected with business entities. In order to promote the commercialization of research and development results, NEDO acts as a bridge by providing samples to users and arranging technical cooperation.

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