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National Projects[6] Management Scheme and Activities

 NEDO is actively involved in various activities aimed at introducing new technologies to society which can lead to the creation of new industries and employment opportunities in the energy, environment and industrial fields.

Industrial Technology

Medical TechnologyRobot Technology
Robot Technology
Promoting full-scale dissemination of service robots to support nursing care and mobility through establishment of safety standards and international standardization

 While further application of practical robot technology is expected in nursing and welfare services, households, safety and security fields, the lack of personal safety and established international safety standards are delaying introduction and dissemination of the technology. NEDO is conducting R&D activities to increase the safety of service robot technology, of which full-scale introduction is expected, aiming at international standardization for safety standards.

Promoting dissemination of service robots

 NEDO's R&D activities on robot technology focus on the development of safety verification methods through the implementation of safety tests, the acquisition, accumulation and analysis of safety data to establish personal safety standards as well as safety standard conformity assessment methods in order to promote Japan's efforts to realize standard establishment and dissemination of service robots.

Robot Technology Project scheme

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Project for Practical Application of Service Robots

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