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The Fourth EU-US-Japan Trilateral Conference on Critical Materials

September 16, 2014

On September 8, 2014, NEDO attended the 4th Trilateral Conference on Critical Materials organized by the governments between EU, US, and Japan (hosted in this conference by The Critical Materials Institute and The Ames Laboratory, directed under DOE) at Ames, IA in USA.  Ad hoc participants (ca. 70) in the field of company, academia, and government from US, EU, Japan, additionally Canada and South Korea, participated in this conference and actively discussed R&Ds about substitution/reduction of rare metals which is one of critical materials, the theoretical studies, the trend of rare metal resources and its effective usage, recycling. Japanese side made presentations, under the moderation of professor Nakamura (Tohoku university) in session 1, about the issues in rare earth fields such as importance and sustainability of well-balanced demand framework depending on the production of rare earth, subsequently about magnet materials for high efficient motor, theories of magnet, and recycling of rare earth magnets in session 2-4, respectively. At the ending, the participants in this conference recognized the reinforcement of continuous cooperation and the information exchange in R&D fields are crucial under trilateral relationship.

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    4th Trilateral Conference on Critical Materials
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    METI Director General Tani
    (Opening remark)
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    Japan Society of Newer Metals,
    President Okada (SANTOKU) (session 1)
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    NEDO, Director Nakamura
    (Closing remark)