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International Symposium "Evaluation Methods of CO2 Emission Reduction with ITS Applications"

October 27, 2010

  NEDO hosted the International Symposium on the Evaluation Methods of CO2 Emission Reduction with ITS Applications in Tokyo as part of its project to promote energy ITS.
While the global transportation sector accounts for 24% of the world total CO2 emissions, automobiles are said to be responsible for 70% of those CO2 emissions. Energy conservation measures in the transportation sector, therefore, has become more important than ever, calling for the necessity to conduct R&D to develop environmental protection measures as well as energy conservation technology with the application of an advanced inTELligent transportation system (ITS). Such efforts should also include identification of the current traffic situations and quantative evaluation of CO2 emission reduction in order to properly apply and operate various ITS measures.
  In the light of such situations, the Symposium offered an opportunity to present NEDO's ITS project and R&D activities and efforts in the U.S. and Europe and their progress in addition to a keynote speech provided by the Professor Matthew Barth from the University of California - Riverside, including panel discussions and the demonstration of evaluation tools.
ApproximaTELy 150 personnel from industry, academia and government visited the Symposium and actively exchanged information and opinions, thereby indicating great expectations and interests for the future development of ITS technology.

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