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Inauguration Ceremony for Environmentally-Conscious High-Efficiency Arc Furnace Project in Thailand

February 8, 2013

 An inauguration ceremony was held on February 6, 2013, upon completion of the facility for NEDO's demonstrative project for an Environmentally Conscious High-Efficiency Arc Furnace being conducted in Thailand.
 This environmentally-friendly technology will reduce energy consumption by approx. 30% compared to the conventional electric furnaces, while meeting Japan's emission standards with the accompanying exhaust gas (dioxin) treatment facility.
 By allowing this project to serve as a stepping stone, NEDO will look to disseminate highly-efficient arc furnaces in steel manufacturing industries across Thailand and other ASEAN countries. During the seminar held in the afternoon of the same day, the Japanese side presented the results of the project and the Thailand side introduced energy conservation activities of its steel industry.

  • Shots of the ceremony and seminar
    Inauguration ceremony and seminar
  • Sight of the demonstration facility
    Completed demonstration facility (the combustion tower in the exhaust gas treatment facility)