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EDSO/GSGF Joint Workshops

March 27, 2013

 A 2-day joint workshop organized by the EDSO for Smart Grids*1 and GSGF*2, respectively affiliated with 31 power distribution companies in 17 European countries and smart-grid organizations in 14 countries and regions in the world, was held on March 21 and 22 in Brussels.    
 NEDO Executive Director Kuniyoshi participated in the workshop representing Japan Smart Community Alliance (JSCA) and presented a keynote lecture at the opening session themed on "Incorporating Renewables, EV charging infrastructure and Storage."
 During the workshops, panelists and audiences actively interacted through discussion on challenges and relevant technologies/services in smart-grid technologies, in addition to future market development as well as proposed various policies and regulations. The outcomes of the workshops will be made use of for future activities of GSGF working groups*3 and compiling result reports.    

  • *1: European Distribution System Operators' Association for Smart Grids
  • *2: Global Smart Grid Federation: Japan Smart Community Alliance (JSCA) is a member of GSGF.
  • *3: JSCA will be responsible for a working group for power grid - demand side interface. Organizations from 8 countries and regions are participating and NEDO Executive Director Kuniyoshi serves as chairman.

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    EDSO/GSGF Joint Workshops