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Completion Ceremony for Bioethanol Production Demonstration Plant in Indonesia

August 23, 2013

 Construction of a bioethanol production demonstration plant, being promoted as a collaborative project between NEDO and Indonesian Ministry of Industry(MOI), was completed in East Java and a completion ceremony was held at the project site on August 20, 2013.
 NEDO President Kurata spoke at the ceremony and expressed his hope that the deployment of the introduced technologies would contribute to the resolution of Indonesia’s energy issues.
 Approximately 300 relevant personnel from Indonesia and Japan attended the ceremony including MOI Director General Panggah, State-Owned Enterprises Minster Dahlan of the Government of Indonesia and NEDO President Kurata.

  • photo1
    NEDO President Kurata speaking at the ceremony
  • photo2
    Completion ceremony
  • photo3
    Completed bioethanol production demonstration plant