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"NEDO Forum 2016" Held Jointly with Shizuoka Prefecture

December 19, 2016

On December 16, NEDO and Shizuoka Prefecture jointly held the "NEDO Forum 2016 in Shizuoka: Aiming to Develop Next-Generation Medical Device and Welfare Equipment Industries" in Shizuoka City.

This forum was held based on an agreement between NEDO and Shizuoka Prefecture signed in March 2015. The second in a series of events following the previous forum in February of this year, this event focused on the fields of medical device and welfare equipment industries. Jiro Yonezaki of the Osaka City Assistive Technology Department delivered a keynote lecture titled "State of the Research, Development, and Expanded Use of Welfare Equipment Inside and Outside Japan: Matching User Needs and Technical Seeds", which was followed by lectures from project contractors QD Laser, Inc. and WHILL, Inc. introducing NEDO project case studies. Additionally, NEDO, Shizuoka Prefecture and the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) provided information on their own projects and activities.

  • Yonezaki from Osaka City Assistive Technology Department at the podium
    Jiro Yonezaki of the Osaka City
    Assistive Technology Department
    delivering the keynote lecture
  • Scene of the forum venue
    The forum venue