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Chairman Furukawa Served as the Japanese Moderator for the "Japan-Russia Business Dialogue Meeting"

December 20, 2016

On December 16, 2016, the "Japan-Russia Business Dialogue Meeting" was held in Tokyo, and NEDO Chairman Kazuo Furukawa served as a Japanese side moderator in the concurrent session titled "Cooperation on Cutting-Edge Technologies."

The meeting between Japan and Russia regarding economic cooperation was held in conjunction with the Japan-Russia Summit Meeting. At the concurrent meeting, ten representatives of companies and organizations from both Japan and Russia gave presentations, and both sides reconfirmed that they will continue the mutual exchange of information on cooperation in the field of cutting-edge technologies.

The moderator from the Russian side was Director General Maxim Shereykin of the Agency of Technological Development of the Russian Federation (ATD) who signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) with NEDO last September. Chairman Furukawa met with Director General Shereykin on the day before the session, when they discussed the collaboration possibilities in the wide ranging field of technology.

  • Scene of the meeting
    Venue of the meeting
  • Chairman Furukawa and Director General Shereykin
    Both Chairman Furukawa (center) and Director General Shereykin (left) served as moderators