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NEDO Partiicipated in the "nano tech 2017/InterAqua 2017"

February 20, 2017

From February 16th to February 17th, 2017, NEDO participated in the "nano tech 2017 - The 16th International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference" and the "InterAqua 2017- 8th International Water Solution Exhibition" at Tokyo Big Sight (Tokyo International Exhibition Center).

At "nano tech 2017", NEDO exhibited and gave lectures on cutting-edge technologies in a wide range of fields including new materials, such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, and cellulose nanofibers, as well as advanced printed electronics technology and innovative structural materials, with the aim of introducing attendees to the results of NEDO's projects and encouraging the business matching. In addition, NEDO, Nagoya University and others exhibited their achievements in carbon fiber-reinforced thermo plastics that can be used to realize significantly lighter weight vehicles, which was recognized with the "nano tech Awards 2017 Research Project Award (Green Nanotechnology Award)" for the exhibitor of the most innovative and pioneering technology and product.

At "InterAqua 2017", NEDO presented overviews and results of international demonstration projects and technology development projects involving water treatment technology, showcasing test equipment and performing an experiment regarding microbial fuel cell technology for waste water treatment that produces electricity while waste water treatment and seawater desalination technology using a forward osmosis method.

  • NEDO's booths at nano tech 2017,left, and InterAqua 2017,right
    NEDO's booths
    (left: nano tech 2017, right: InterAqua 2017)
  • View of the  lecture venue at the nano tech main theatre
    The lecture venue at the nano tech main theatre