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NEDO Participated in the "Barrier Free 2017"

April 24, 2017

From April 20 to April 22, 2017, NEDO participated in "Barrier Free 2017", Western Japan's largest exhibition for "nursing care", "geriatric and elderly care" and "home nursing care", which was held at INTEX Osaka.

NEDO showcased six products developed as part of the "Development of Practical Applications for Assistive Devices for Problem Solving Support Project", including a lower extremity orthotic device for hemiplegic people, a hermetic packaging system for used diapers, a transfer device for severely physically disabled people, a communication application for supporting hearing-impaired and elderly people, a six-wheeled multifunctional electric wheelchair, and a bathing device that utilizes micro bubbles. Visitors were encouraged to experience the products by touching and using them to show off the high-quality product functionality.

In the future, NEDO will continue to support the development of assistive devices.

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    NEDO's booth