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Prime Minister Aso Visits NEDO Project Sites

June 1, 2009
  Prime Minister Taro Aso visited two NEDO project sites in Kawasaki City on May 30, 2009.
  At Toyo Glass Co., Ltd., one of NEDO’s project sites for developing energy conservation technology, Mr. Aso toured a glass melting facility that has reduced its energy consumption by one-third since the start of NEDO’s research. At the other NEDO project site, Kawasaki Azalea, an underground shopping mall adjacent to JR Kawasaki Station, he observed an energy-conserving air conditioning system using “hydrate slurry” that was developed by JFE Engineering Co., Ltd. The building’s unconventional cooling system has resulted in a 40% operating cost reduction.
  The two sites visited by Prime Minister Aso are representative examples of the energy conservation technology development projects being promoted by NEDO. The new technologies that result from such projects are expected to be widely disseminated in Japan and other countries in the future.

Energy conservation technology development projects promoted by NEDO:
    Development of Innovative Glass Melting Process Technologies
    Strategic Development of Energy Conservation Technology Project

Prime Minister Aso visited NEDO project sites
From right to left: Mr. Yoshitsugu Maruhashi, President, Toyo Glass Co., Ltd., Prime Minister Aso,
Mr. Seiji Murata, Chairman, NEDO, Mr. Masahiro Kadomatsu, Chairman of the Board, Chairman & CEO, Asahi Glass Co., Ltd.