Time Chapter title
1 00分00秒~ An Introduction of NEDO Nanotechnology and Materials Technology Development Department
2 02分30秒~ Summary National Projects
3 05分52秒~ Next-generation lens
Next-generation Nanostructured Photonic and Process Technology
4 11分54秒~ Nano-fiber
Basic Technology Development for Fiber Materials Having Advanced Functions and New Structures
5 17分37秒~ Ultraflexible display
Technological Development of Superf exible Display Elements
6 21分50秒~ Rare metal
Development of technology to reduce dysprosium used in rare-earth magnets
7 27分19秒~ Summary
Nanotech Advanced Component Utilization Research and Development
8 29分27秒~ Electron-beam drawing equipment
Development of an electron-beam lithography system equipped with a diamond electron gun
9 34分49秒~ Subminlature pH sensor
Development of field-effect transistor microchip pH sensors and biosensors using self-assembled organic monolayers
10 40分29秒~ Life in a Certrain Future,Brought to You by Nanotechnology