�񍐏��N�x2010 - 2010
�p���v��In our research project entitled �gStrategic international standardization promotion project / Standardization research & development, Standardization with regard to Public Information Symbols�h supported by NEDO Research and Development to Promote the Creation and Utilization of an Intellectual Infrastructure, Public Information Symbols are the graphics used to convey information about an object, a concept or status in a visual manner without any reliance on characters or language. The promotion of this standardization project has been running since 2008 as a three year project. In the final year 2010, a total of five items were investigated; four items from the candidate symbol plans of �gSymbols No.2 for foreign tourists, etc.�h selected in 2009, which were �gBaggage delivery�h, �gAutomatic vending machine�h, �gConvenience store�h and �gWireless LAN�h, and one item �gRental bicycle�h selected in 2008. And, we performed comprehension tests (round robin tests) in a total of five countries including the UK, Australia, China, South Korea and Japan in order to propose symbols to International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
As a result, it was determined to propose four items; �gBaggage delivery�h, �gAutomatic vending machine�h, �gWireless LAN�h and �gRental bicycle�h to ISO as an original plan for new symbols, and to promote investigation into the remaining item �gConvenience store�h in the future as a common agenda for tourism related symbols for Japan, China and South Korea based on this original plan.