�񍐏��N�x2010 - 2010
�p���v��This project was conducted for standardization of test method to evaluate the impact resistance of ceramic femoral head used for hip joint prostheses. Specifically, in order to propose the draft of impact test to ISO/TC150/SC4, the mechanical difference of results between the static and impact strength was analyzed by comparing the results of static and impact test. Round-robin test was performed to analyze the difference of results between the static and impact test. As a result, the strength was tended to be higher with the connection depth of trunion in head component both in the static and impact test. However, in the static test, the debris was very small than that in the impact test, and that was rather different to the debris by the fracture of femoral head component in clinical. This was inferable that the fracture mechanism of the ceramic head in clinical was not due to the static loading. In addition, the effect of connection depth in trunion was accurately reflected in the impact test rather than the static test.
In order to explain the demand of impact test, exchange of views on the impact test was had with officials of ISO/TC150 in England, Germany, France, China and Korea, and approval to standardization of this draft was obtained mostly by following the discussion about the demand of impact test and the differentiation with the static test.