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Analysis and Evaluation Device for a Super-efficient Motor Developed
-A World’s First, the Device Will Make a Large Contribution-

April 13, 2015
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

NEDO and the Motor and Magnetic Materials R&D Center (MagHEM)*1 have developed the world’s first ultra-high-precision motor loss analysis system equipped with magnetic bearings*2 and magnetic characteristic tester under the stress for high-efficiency ribbon-shaped iron core material*3, to analyze the electromagnetic loss of motors.

By using these technologies to perform design and evaluation of motors for home electronics, industrial machinery, and automobiles which take into consideration the characteristics of new magnetic materials, NEDO aims to realize motor with a 25% lower energy loss than conventional motors.


  • *1 The Motor and Magnetic Materials R&D Center (MagHEM):
    MagHEM was founded on September 25th, 2012 with the objective of securing competitiveness in the energy saving motors found at the heart of next-generation vehicles, home electronics, and industrial machinery by developing innovative high-performance magnets that do not depend on rare earth metals, soft magnetic materials that reduce the electrical energy loss when driving a motor, and motor designing technologies that can achieve further efficiency gains using new magnets and novel soft magnetic materials.
  • *2 Magnetic bearings:
    Magnetic bearings provide contactless support through magnetic levitation. The bearings do not need lubricant because they are not subject to physical wear, and as a result its operational life is semi-permanent.
  • *3 High-efficiency ribbon-shaped iron core materials:
    Iron core material that is shaped like a very thin ribbon (thickness around 20 µm (0.02mm)) that is significantly thinner than electromagnetic steel sheets (thickness 0.3~0.6mm) that are currently used to manufacture iron cores, and that has a high efficiency with an energy loss as small as 1/4 to 1/3 of the electromagnetic steel sheet.
photo The magnetic bearings that were developed
The magnetic bearings that were developed

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