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Supercomputers Equipped with Processors Developed as Part of a NEDO Project Dominate the Top of the World Rankings in Power Consumption Performance
-“Shoubu” and Other Supercomputers Equipped with High-Performance Processor “PEZY-SC” Capture the Top Spots-

August 13, 2015
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

The high-performance processor “PEZY-SC” developed as part of a NEDO project by PEZY Computing was installed on the supercomputers Shoubu (“Iris”), Suiren Blue (“Blue Water Lily”), and Suiren (“Water Lily”). Those three supercomputers came in first, second, and third places, respectively, in the world ranking of supercomputers based on power consumption performance called “The Green 500 List”.

Figure 1: PEZY-SC Processor / Figure 2: Processing “Brick” composed of 16 PEZY-SC boards

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