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Automated Cell Culture System for Stem Cells Developed Utilizing the Results of a NEDO Project
-NIPRO Corporation to Begin Accepting Orders for Research Use-

March 31, 2016
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
NIPRO Corporation

By utilizing the results of a NEDO project, NIPRO Corporation has developed an automated cell culture system for stem cells called CELLAFORTE®.

The CELLAFORTE® system uses a NIPRO-designed culture bag that makes it possible to carry out the large-scale production of embryonic (ES) / induced pluripotent (iPS) cells or mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) efficiently in a closed environment with a reduced risk of contamination compared to open system containers such as dishes and flasks.

NIPRO Corporation will start accepting orders of build-to-order CELLAFORTE® for research use in regenerative medicine and other research areas from April 1, 2016.

photo:(left)CELLAFORTE(R)(right)Culture bag

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