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NEDO Launches Smart Grid Demonstration Project in Haryana State, India
-Promoting Dissemination of Japanese Smart Community Technologies through Conducting Technology Demonstration and Providing Operational Know-how-

November 4, 2016
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

As part of a NEDO project, Fuji Electronic Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd., and THE Power Grid Solution Ltd. launched a demonstration project by installing simulated system equipment in a training center in Haryana State, India in advance of actual system demonstrations.

Through this project, NEDO aims to contribute to the development of a smart power distribution system in India while promoting Japanese smart community technologies by conducting a smart grid-related technology demonstration project in conjunction with a capacity-building project that will provide operational know-how in power distribution systems to Indian power distribution companies.

image: Project Concept
Project Concept
image: Project Site
Project Site


In India, it is an urgent issue to expand power distribution equipment and systems through the introduction of smart-grid related technologies in order to resolve challenges of Indian power distribution companies. For this reason, the Indian government has shown great interest in smart grid technology and set forth policies aimed at building next generation power distribution networks with less electrical waste. Currently, the Ministry of Power Govt. of India is taking the lead in fourteen smart grid pilot projects to modernize power distribution networks in India.

In order to contribute to solving the challenges faced by power distribution companies, NEDO has agreed to cooperate with Ministry of Power Govt. of India and other related parties to conduct a smart grid-related technology demonstration project in Panipat in the State of Haryana which is one of the candidate out of fourteen smart gird pilot projects and a capacity building project. Therefore a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for the project was signed on December 2nd. This demonstration project is called "The Demonstration Project For Smart Grid In Panipat, Haryana State". Fuji Electric Co., Ltd. and Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. take charge of the a smart grid-related technology demonstration project, THE Power Grid Solution Ltd, takes charge of the capacity building project.

This time, we have introduced a simulated system equipment of a power distribution systems to a Training Center and started a demonstration project. The Training Center is a facility for training, such as skills in maintenance of power transmission and distribution equipment, which was founded by power companies in Haryana. The Training Center has facilities for a training building to carry out lectures, practical training, outdoor simulating equipment of power distribution, accommodation in Panchukura, Haryana.

2. Startup Ceremony

On November 3rd, a startup ceremony was held at the Training Center in accordance with the launch of the simulated system equipment. Attendees at the ceremony included Mr. Yoji Arikura, Director General at NEDO; Mr. Shoumitra Chatterjee, President/CEO at Fuji Electric India Private Ltd.; Mr. Kan Kinoshita, President/Director at SEI Trading India Private Ltd.; Mr. Kiyonori Morita, President/Representative Director at THE Power Grid Solution Ltd.; Mr. Anurag Rastogi, PS(Power) at Govt of Haryana; Mr. Shatrujeet Kapur, Chairman/MD at UHBVN.

3. Details of the project

By combining these two tasks, NEDO hopes to contribute to make Indian power distribution smarter and also showcase the effectiveness of Japan’s advanced smart grid-related technology, with the aim of spreading Japanese technology.

The smart grid-related technology demonstration task For the smart grid-related technology demonstration task, the companies will install smart meters for some customers in Panipat and perform data collection as well as monitoring and control of smart meters through a supervisory control system called SCADA to demonstrate (1) peak load reduction technology, (2) distribution grid monitoring and control technology, and (3) power distribution loss reduction technology aimed at power theft, power meter tampering, and omission of bill collection.
The capacity building task The capacity building task aims to enabling Indian power distribution companies to effectively use Japanese smart grid-related technologies to reduce distribution losses and the failure rate of distribution transformers, as well as to improve the frequency of power failures, by providing Japanese operational know-how concerning power distribution systems including how to master those technologies.

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