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NEDO to Exhibit at CeBIT2017
-Showcasing Next-generation, State-of-the-Art Technologies Including IoT, Robotics and AI Technologies-

February 24, 2017
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

NEDO will exhibit at CeBIT2017 that will be held for five days from March 20 to March 24 in Germany.

At this event, NEDO will showcase next-generation, state-of-the-art technologies including IoT (Internet of Things) such as sensors and smart devices, robotics, and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies. NEDO will also introduce a smart community demonstration that NEDO has been conducting in Germany, in hope of creating new global business.

NEDO Exhibit Booth Image


NEDO engages in a wide range of technology development fields, from energy and environmental technologies to industrial technologies. As a Japanese government organization, NEDO carries out projects to explore future technology seeds as well as mid- to long-term projects that may form the basis of industrial development. It also supports the development of practical applications for promising technologies.

As part of a joint Japanese-German effort to create a global environment for the development of "Industry 4.0", in accordance with an agreement made at the Japan-Germany Summit Meeting held in May 2016, Japan will participate in CeBIT2017 as an official partner country. A large-scale Japan Pavilion will be installed at CeBIT2017 with the participation of more than 100 Japanese companies and organizations. NEDO will exhibit in the Japan Pavilion as a governmental organization.

<About the NEDO Exhibit Booth>

Japan Pavilion, Hall 4, Hannover Messe International Exhibition Center (Booth No. A38, 13) Exhibition Theme: "Global Solutions for the Next"
Exhibition Theme:
"Global Solutions for the Next"
Booth Overview:
From among the many technological development projects that NEDO is involved in, the booth will feature sensors, smart devices and other IoT technologies as well as robot and AI technologies, arranged according to application. In addition, NEDO will conduct demonstrations and use other methods to explain in an easy-to-understand fashion the latest technological achievements of various Japanese companies and research organizations, including the Smart Community Project experiment that NEDO is currently conducting in Germany. By working beyond national borders to resolve problems, NEDO is striving to create new global businesses.

2.Products on display at the NEDO Booth

The world's first cyborg-type robot

Innovative Cybernic System:"HAL" The world's first cyborg-type robot

  • ◆Medical HAL:medical device that enables "Cybernic treatment", a treatment to improve/regenerate brain–neuro–physical functions.
  • ◆Lumbar Type HAL:it reduces stress on the wearer's lumbar during caring or heavy lifting.
  • ◆Innovative Cybernic System:establishes simultaneous informational and physical interactions between the user and the device to integrate the functions of humans and robots.
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RODEM, the world's first robot wheelchair

RODEM, the world's first robot wheelchair that enables easy and safe transfer and movement of elderly and disabled persons

  • ◆Facilitates the safe and easy movement back and forth between the bed, wheelchair and toilet, one of the biggest challenges for nursing care in an aging society.
  • ◆The seat of RODEM can be moved up or down to align it with the height of the bed or toilet so that transfer can take place just by sliding the person's body forward without changing direction.
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tmsuk Co., Ltd.
World's first RFID tag that is readable
Phoenix Solution

World's first RFID tag that is readable even when attached to the back of metallic products

  • ◆This innovative RFID can be used in the entire industry for the development of IoT, supply chain management and traceability applications.
  • ◆Battery-free UHF RFID enables easy traceability of steel, metal palettes, automobiles and other products made with metal.
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Phoenix Solution Co., Ltd.
Ring shaped wearable computing device OZON

Ring shaped wearable computing device "OZON™"

  • ◆This device utilizes ultra-low power consumption technology and features wireless charge with high performance, high quality, and high design.
  • ◆Able to control TVs, air conditioners and other electronic devices using gestures, while also enabling notifications via email and messenger applications as well as electric-wallet functionality for payment transactions
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16Lab Inc.
High-performance multirotor drone

High-performance multirotor drone with 10kg load capacity

  • ◆This multirotor drone has a frame constructed using highly reliable and lightweight composite carbon and bonding technologies. A wide variety of testing equipment can be installed to meet customer needs.
  • ◆Though the multirotor drone is lightweight, it is made of a very stiff and highly reliable frame that uses no screws. It is a multi-purpose model that can easily have auxiliary equipment mounted.
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AI-enabled robot for handling soft materials

AI-enabled robot for handling soft materials that can develop potential functions through machine learning

  • ◆This robot can perform in real-time and repeatable folding of unknown soft materials. Conventionally it is difficult to perform object modeling and imaging mapping on such materials.
  • ◆The robot performs end-to-end sensory-motor learning by deep neural networks, enabling the simultaneous generation of object recognition and appropriate motion for the robot.
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National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Flexible sheet sensor

Flexible sheet sensor for simultaneous detection of pressure and temperature

  • ◆Using printing technology, JAPERA became the world's first to succeed in developing a flexible sheet sensor that can simultaneously detect the distribution of pressure and temperature across a plane.
  • ◆JAPERA aims to utilize the sensor's flexible, lightweight and high-resolution characteristics through applications in health care sensors such as rehabilitation and nursing care support devices.
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Japan Advanced Printed Electronics Technology Research Association
Advanced wearable and flexible sensors

Advanced wearable and flexible sensors

  • ◆Highly flexible sensors can be attached to clothes to detect body movements with high sensitivity.
  • ◆Proximity and pressure sensor sheets which can be formed into a variety of shapes detect movement and breathing without imposing a burden on humans through installation underneath a bed or floor.
  • ◆Pressure distribution measurement sheets that can follow the shape of a cushion allow the measurement of body weight distribution in real-time and monitor the state of people.
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National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

3.Smart community demonstration project conducted by NEDO in Germany

In addition to the exhibits mentioned above, NEDO will conduct panel exhibits on the smart community demonstration projects currently being performed in Germany.

One of them is performed in the city of Speyer in Germany. Please go to the website below for more details.

4.For more information, please contact:

NEDO Public Relations Department
Contact Persons: Kotsusa, A. Suzuki E-mail: nedo_press@ml.nedo.go.jp