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NEDO Project Succeeds at World's First 3D Imaging of Living Tissue with a Rigid Endoscope
- Achievement realized with an optical scanner using a KTN crystal -

April 14, 2017
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
NTT Advanced Technology Corporation
Osaka University

NEDO, in cooperation with NTT Advanced Technology Corporation and Osaka University, has succeeded in achieving the world's first 3D imaging of living tissue with a rigid endoscope. This was realized using a compact, high-speed, and low-power consumption optical scanner that uses a potassium tantalate niobate (KTN) crystal that possesses special electro-optical characteristics.

This newly-developed optical scanner makes it possible to incorporate real-time, minimally invasive imaging of internal anatomical structures into medical diagnosis and treatment.

In the future, NTT Advanced Technology Corporation aims to offer this optical scanner technology to medical device manufacturers for use in diagnostic and therapeutic devices for a wide range of medical fields including orthopedic surgery.

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NEDO Internet of Things Promotion Department
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