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NEDO Sets Forward R&D of Nanocarbon Materials Utilizing Computational Science and Artificial Intelligence
- Speeding-up the development of applied carbon nanotube and graphene products -

May 29, 2017
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

In its Ultra High-Throughput Design and Prototyping Technology for Ultra Advanced Materials Development Project, NEDO has been tackling to establish material development methods that utilize computational science and artificial intelligence to drastically speed-up material prototyping. NEDO recently adopted additional project participants who will engage in research and development of nanocarbon materials that are promising for utilization in various applications.

In this project, NEDO aims to establish multi-scale simulation techniques that can predict the complex behaviors and functions of materials in applied products such as lightweight wires made of woven carbon nanotubes (CNTs), high heat resistant/high-strength CNT rubber composite materials, and graphene-based transparent conductive films, so as to facilitate their early commercialization.

For more information, please contact:

NEDO Materials Technology and Nanotechnology Department
Contact Persons: Kuniya, Okamoto Tel: +81-44-520-5220­