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NEDO to Conduct World's First 100kW Class Demonstration Test of Ocean Current Power Generation
– Prototype for "subsea floating type ocean current power generation" completed that utilizes a new type of renewable energy technology –

July 7, 2017
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
IHI Corporation

NEDO and IHI Corporation have completed a 100kW class prototype subsea floating type ocean current power generation system "Kairyu, " which is a new renewable energy technology that utilizes the energy in ocean currents, at IHI Corporation's Yokohama Works. This summer, the world's first 100kW class ocean current power generation demonstration test that actually utilizes ocean current will be conducted using the Kuroshio Current in the waters off the coast of Kuchinoshima, Toshima, Kagoshima Prefecture.

NEDO expects ocean current energy to be a new renewable energy source that provides a large amount of energy with few fluctuations. NEDO hopes for practical application of the technology, especially on isolated islands, in addition to its potential contribution to energy security.

Using the results of this demonstration test, IHI Corporation will evaluate generation performances and control systems, with a goal of practical application of a subsea floating type ocean current power generation system that effectively and economically utilizes ocean current energy after the year 2020.

The instllation image of the power generation system and the

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