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NEDO Develops Production Technology for Super Nanoparticles that Promote Maximum Functionality in Components
– Succeeded in the application of hair care products –

October 12, 2017
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
Nano Innovation Laboratories Co., Ltd.

As part of a NEDO project, Nano Innovation Laboratories Co., Ltd. (NIL) has succeeded in developing the production technology for creating innovative super nanoparticles (SNP) that maximize the effectiveness of functional components. In addition to possessing the basic characteristics nanoparticles should have, SNPs possess unparalleled characteristics that can functionalize the particle surface in various ways, which can be altered according to the purpose.

NIL has also developed a hair-care product line that significantly enhances the penetration of plant-derived functional components by using this production technology. From October 20, it will launch sales of new products as part of a new organic hair-care and cosmetics brand, "SUNA BIOSHOT."

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NEDO Innovation Promotion Department
Contact Persons: Tsukagoshi, Nishida, Yoshioka Tel: +81-44-520-5173­

Nano Innovation Laboratories Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Kikuchi Tel: +81-46-240-8784­(main phone number) E-mail:info@nil-co.jp