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Functional Golf Balls Made from Composite Material Utilizing Non-Edible Eucommia-Derived Biomass Commercialized
– Applying a newly developed high-performance bio-composite to sports equipment –

December 13, 2017
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

Kasco Corporation has commercialized a functional golf ball, "BIOSPIN," which has superior impact resistance. The ball utilizes a high-performance bio-composite, which was developed by an industry-university consortium led by Hitachi Zosen Corporation as part of a NEDO project. The product will go on sale in April 2018.

Kasco Corporation uses this newly-developed, high-performance bio-composite material in sports equipment by taking advantage of the qualities of bio-trans-polyisoprene, a highly polymerized compound produced from non-edible biomass derived from the hardy rubber tree (Eucommia). It is expected that in the future this material will be used not only in sports equipment, but also in various applications, such as the interiors of transportation vehicles, including automobiles, and in the biomaterials field.

Figure of The functional golf ball,
Figure 1 The functional golf ball, "BIOSPIN"

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