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NEDO Revises and Pre-releases Fuel Cell Section of "NEDO's Technology Development Roadmap for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen"
– First public announcement of ultimate post-2040 goal; will allow industry, academia and government to share long-term perspectives –

December 20, 2017
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

NEDO has been working to revise its "NEDO's Technology Development Roadmap for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen," in order to address the direction of technology development toward the realization of a "hydrogen society." Today, NEDO provided a preliminary look at the portion of the roadmap that deals with fuel cell technology.

In this release and revision, NEDO, for the first time, will publicly announce the targets for technical challenges (ultimate goals) to be achieved beyond 2040, so that industry, academia and government can share the long-term perspectives and engage in technology development. The fuel cell technology areas that are to be disclosed in advance include fuel cell vehicles (FCV) as well as stationary fuel cells for household, commercial, and industrial use.

Going forward, NEDO will prepare to release other sections as well, including chapters on hydrogen refueling stations, hydrogen power generation, and "Power to Gas" technology. The entire "NEDO's Technology Development Roadmap for Fuel Cells and Hydrogen" will be released in the spring of 2018.

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