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New Lossless Data Acquisition and Storage Technology for Communication Data in Networks Developed
– Fujitsu aims to commercialize a product based on this result in first half of FY2018 –

January 10, 2018
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
Fujitsu Limited

As part of a Cabinet Office project managed by NEDO, Fujitsu, Ltd. has developed the world's first lossless data acquisition technology that can collect communication data from virtual networks at 10Gbps, which is approximately seven times faster than conventional technology. Furthermore, Fujitsu has developed a lossless data storage technology that can save communication data in general-purpose PC servers at up to 100Gbps from both virtual and physical networks, in order to make it possible to analyze communication data from large-sized and wide-ranging networks both virtual and physical.

This advance has made it possible to accurately and comprehensively monitor the internal networks of organizations comprised of both virtual and physical networks.

Fujitsu aims to commercialize a product utilizing these technologies in first half of FY2018 (April to September).

For more information, please contact:

NEDO Internet of Things Promotion Department
Contact Persons: Fujino, Ueno Tel: +81-44-520-5211­