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NEDO and Partners Successfully Conduct World's First Test Run of Wide-Area Security Monitoring Using Multiple Autonomous Drones Operated by 4G LTE
– Will strengthen security measures by using airborne remote monitoring –

March 15, 2018
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)
KDDI Corporation
Terra Drone Corporation
Secom Co., Ltd.

NEDO, KDDI Corp., Terra Drone Corp., and Secom Co., Ltd., have successfully conducted the world's first demonstration test of security monitoring using multiple drones, which fly autonomously using the fourth-generation high-speed communication standard (4G LTE). The test conductors succeeded in operating a remote patrol and security monitoring of a large facility using the drone system.

In this demonstration, the "Smart Drone Platform," a system which KDDI has designed specifically for drones, was utilized to operate the four autonomous flying drones for remote patrol and security monitoring.

Remote patrolling and security monitoring with multiple drones will contribute to strengthening security capabilities by helping with such operations as finding suspicious individuals, warning authorities, locating safety hazards such as fires, and serving as night guards.

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