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Additional Presolicitation Notice -Certification of Venture Capital Firms to Partner in NEDO Technology-based Startup Support Program

January 29, 2016

Information is updated
February 10 ● Correction:
Scheduled Solicitation Issuance Date
Before a correction; Mid-February 2016
After a correction; End-February 2016


Program Title: NEDO Technology-based Startup Support Program

Scheduled Solicitation Issuance Date: End-February 2016

Contact: Innovation Promotion Department
Tsukagoshi, Matsunaga,  Hashizume
E-mail: vc-vb@nedo.go.jp

1. Program Description

(1) Synopsis

The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) is planning to issue an additional presolicitation to award certifications to venture capital firms, seed accelerators and other venture investment companies (VCs*) that will participate in NEDO’s assistance program for technology-based startups and venture businesses in the seed stage (STSs**) as investment partners.

NEDO will prioritize applicants with high potentials to, upon certification, 1) contribute to building a venture capital ecosystem in Japan, especially through novel approaches (e.g. hands-on policies); and 2) strengthen the economy and develop international business channels by enhancing cooperation with global networks.

Applicants will join the current team of 12 Certified VCs. The same certiification conditions apply to the new VCs (e.g.,capability to make investments in STSs, intent to maintain hands-on involvement with STSs after investment, and setting up an operating base/branch in Japan). Teams comprised of multiple companies are also eligible to apply.

This is a presolicitation notice to publicize the planned solicitation release. Interested parties are encouraged to refer to the solicitation documents for the final details once the solicitation is posted.

*VCs = Venture capital firms, seed accelerators and other venture investment companies
**STSs = Technology-based startups and venture businesses in the seed stage

(2) Program Duration

FY2015 - FY2018 (certification period)

(3) Proposal Deadline

The proposal deadline is scheduled to be about one month after the solicitation issuance date.

【Reference: Synopsis of Planned Grant Program in which Certified VCs will Participate】

  • Funding Amount: Up to 70 million yen for 2 years. NEDO will cover up to 85% of the total allowable cost.
  • Allowable Costs: Expenses necessary for commercialization of the technology seeds (e.g., development of practical applications, business feasibility studies, etc.).
  • Eligible entities: Research and development STSs in the seed stage that are working on commercialization of concrete technology seeds and plan to receive funding from Certified VCs. Funding amount from Certified VCs should be equal to 15% or more of the requested project funding amount specified in the proposal.
  • Eligible technologies: All industrial technologies under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, e.g. Robotics, AI, electronics, IoT, clean-tech, materials, medical equipment, biotech, and aerospace. (excluding nuclear technology)
  • Solicitation Issuance Date: To be determined.