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Result Announcement – Certification of Venture Capital Firms to Partner in NEDO Technology-based Startup Support Program

July 9, 2015


Program Title: NEDO Technology-based Startup Support Program

Contact: Platform Group, Innovation Promotion Department
Points of Contact: Tsukagoshi, Matsunaga, Tanaka
TEL: 044-520-5173 FAX: 044-520-5178
E-mail: vc-vb@nedo.go.jp

Regarding “Certification of Venture Capital Firms to Partner in NEDO technology-based Startup Support Program”, the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), a national research and development agency, shows the result announcement of 12 certified VCs as below.

1. Program Description

(1) Synopsis

NEDO will launch a new program to support seed-stage technology-based startups (“STSs” hereafter) to commercialize their technology seeds, in order to promote investment and commercialization assistance activities by venture capital firms, seed accelerators and other venture investment companies (collectively “VCs” hereafter) for those STSs, in addition to leveraging VCs’ knowledge and support functions.

This program will consist of two solicitations. This solicitation is for VCs that will support STSs. NEDO will issue a separate solicitation for STSs that wish to participate in. VCs that are interested in participating in this program need to apply in accordance with the accompanying application guidelines.

(2) Valid Period of Certification

July 9, 2015 -March 31, 2020