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Held Ceremony to Mark Completion of High-efficiency Coal Cleaning Facility

August 4, 2014

On July 25, a ceremony was held in Odisha, India, to mark the completion of a facility incorporating high-efficiency coal-cleaning technology demonstrated jointly by NEDO, India's Ministry of Coal, and others.

The completion ceremony was attended, on the Japanese side, by NEDO Executive Director Munehiko Tsuchiya, and the contractors for the project, Managing Director Kato of the Japan Coal Energy Center and President Mugita of Nagata Engineering Co., Ltd. Attendees on the Indian side were Chairman Sahay of Mahanadi Coalfields, Mr. Prasad, an advisor to the Ministry of Coal, and Vice President Mudgal of the Monnet Group.

In his greeting, Executive Director Tsuchiya expressed his expectations that the project will be a good model for India, where active utilization of low-quality coal is an issue, and that the demonstrated technology will be disseminated widely in both countries.

  • photo.1
    Executive Director Tsuchiya greeting attendees
  • photo.2
    Scene of completion ceremony