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Held Exhibition and Business matching activities on Energy Technology in India

September 4, 2014

At the 8th Renewable Energy India Expo 2014 (REI2014) held in Greater Noida, India, from September 3 to 5, NEDO held a India-Japan Energy Forum 2014 "Exhibition" as a venue for exhibition and business matching activities on energy technology. At the opening ceremony, NEDO Executive Director Munehiko Tsuchiya provided an overview of NEDO's active efforts to help further strengthen bilateral cooperation between Japan and India in the energy field.

Factsheet "India and Japan - Partners for Common Development", released when the new Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Japan for the first time, mentioned that the leaders welcomed the holding of this event.

  • photo.1
    Scene of exhibition at India-Japan Energy Forum 2014
  • photo.2
    NEDO Executive Director Tsuchiya greeting attendees at opening ceremony