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NEDO and the World Bank concluded an Agreement on Cooperative Activities,NEDO,New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization"

October 21, 2010


  The New Energy and Industrial Development Organzation (NEDO) and the World Bank signed an agreement on the implementation of cooperative activities in the field of energy and environmental technology in October 21, 2010. The agreement allows both parties to jointly implement the cooperative activities in an effort to resolve global energy and environmental issues through technology demonstrative projects that NEDO is promoting to encourage energy conservation as well as to introduce renewable energy sources, in addition to the collaborative activities within the scope of the ECO2 Cities Initiative launched by the World Bank.
  This agreement was concluded at the ECO2 2010 Yokohama Conference between NEDO Chairman Murata and Ms. Inger Anderson, Vice President of the World Bank. Upon signing, Chairman Murata and Vice President Anderson confirmed their intention to establish furuitful cooperative relationship between the both organizations based on the agreement.

Left Ms. Inger Anderson, Vice President of the World Bank, Right: NEDO Chairman Murata