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NEDO Holds Smart Community Showcase 2018

October 17, 2018

NEDO Smart Community Showcase 2018 took place on October 16 in Vienna, Austria.

The Showcase began with a keynote speech by Dr. Gianluca Fulli from the EU Commission addressing smart grid technology in Europe today and the outlook . Following the address, speakers made a presentation on their smart community/smart grid demonstration project from the viewpoint of a project member of both Japan and the demonstration country. Through the presentations, data obtained in those demonstrations was shared among the project members and the audience from different countries.

After the presentations, NEDO offered an opportunity for the speakers and the general participants from around the world to exchange their opinions and build networks. During the session, they further elaborated on issues surrounding smart community technologies and the latest energy situation in Europe.

  • Photo of NEDO Executive Director Omote delivering opening remarks
    NEDO Executive Director Omote
    delivering opening remarks
  • Photo of presentations on demonstration projects
    Presentations on demonstration projects