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Clean Coal Technology Seminar in New Delhi

February 14, 2011

 NEDO held the CCT Seminar on February 9, 2011 in New Delhi for the purpose of widely desseminating Japan's clean coal technology (CCT) in Asian countries.

 During the seminar, Japan's world-leading CCT was introduced including the highly efficient thermal power generation system and environmental protection measures. The industry and government personnel of India introduced their national energy policies and Japan's coal utilization technology that India hopes to employ. The seminar was successfuly concluded in the recognition that the cooperative relationship between India and Japan is essential in order to promote coal utilization in harmony with envirionmental conservation.

 NEDO will further bolster the collaborative relatioship between India and Japan to introduce and disseminate Japan's CCT in India based on also the results of this seminar, which was attended by a number of people from the industry and governments of Japan and India.

  • Scene of the CCT Seminar
    CCT Seminar in New Delhi