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IRENA Interim Director-General Adnan Amin visited NEDO

February 15, 2011
 Mr. Adnan Amin, Acting Interim Director-General of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) visited NEDO on February 9, 2011 and had a meeting with NEDO President Fukumizu. During the meeting, referring to NEDO's various project implementation in Asian countries, a possibility for joint capacity building activities in Asia in collaboration between IRENA and NEDO was lively discussed.


*IRENA, established in January 26, 2009, is an international institution, whose mission include the "promotion of the widespread and increased adoption and sustainable use of all forms or renewable energy." Japan became the member state in June 29, 2009. NEDO, who has been promoting the development of various renewable energy-related technologies, will further explore the possibilities to collaborate with IRENA in a wide scope of fields including not only technology development but also human resource development.


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    Meeting between NEDO President Fukumizu and IRENA Interim Director-General Adnan Amin