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NEDO and Grand Lyon Community Sign Agreement to Start Smart Community Demonstration Project in Lyon, France

December 26, 2011

 An agreement for a smart community demonstration project to be implemented in the Lyon Confluence was concluded between NEDO and Grand Lyon Community*1 , and NEDO President Hideo Hato and Mr. Gérald Collomb, Senator, Mayor of Lyon and President of Grand Lyon signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in Lyon, France on December 15, 2011.


 During the signing ceremony, President Collomb stated his expectation for the project, which will be conducted through Japan-France collaboration as well as public-private sector partnership, to represent an international model case, in addition to the determination that Grand Lyon Community to play a leading role in the establishment of a smart community, while  President Hato commented that active participation to the project by the local residents is essential in order for Japan's cutting-edge technologies to be introduced for the optimization of energy utilization in the region under collaboration with Grand Lyon Community. President Hato also stated NEDO's intention to put its best effort into project implementation so that this project will achieve a successful result as an innovative smart community project.


 Prior to the signing ceremony, President Hato met with Vice-President Dognin-Sauze of Grand Lyon Community, who is in charge of this project and visited the redevelopment area in the Lyon Confluence guided by the relevant local personnel.  


This project will demonstrate the following technologies:

(1) Positive Energy Building*2 (PEB)

(2) Monitoring system for EV charging and EV sharing system utilizing PV power generation

(3) Residential energy monitoring system, and

(4) Community Management System*3 (CMS) incorporating the above technologies (1) to (3)


Project implementation period: FY2011 to FY2015



*1 Grand Lyon Community is an autonomous community across a wide area including the city of Lyon and its neighbor municipalities.

*2 Positive Energy Building (PEB): a building to demonstrate in-house power generation that exceeds consumption by incorporating energy conservation technologies as well as various renewable energy sources 

*3 Community Management System (CMS): a system that supports sustainable city planning by means of visualization and simulation of energy utilization status within the region based on real-time energy generation/consumption data

  • NEDO President Hideo Hato and Mr. Gérald Collomb, Senator, Mayor of Lyon and President of Grand Lyon
    MOA signing ceremony