The Exhibition

At the NEDO FORUM, an exhibition of NEDO’s achievements was held over two days, comprising the General Session and the Technical Sessions.

The exhibition featured initiatives in the energy sector that NEDO has been injecting effort into since its establishment, such as projects related to solar cells and wind power generation. It also introduced a variety of projects and the latest results achieved in the area of industrial technology, including robots developed through ventures.

  • CIS integrated circuit and module (for research)
  • Crystalline silicon solar cell module (S290)
  • Cross-sectional model of 2MW windmill blades
  • Wastewater treatment equipment that utilizes power-generating microorganisms
  • Fast-growing algae, Botryococcus
  • Left: Hydrogen dispenser  
    Right: Compressed hydrogen container for automobiles
  • Fuel cells  Left: 5kW industrial fuel cell system  
    Center: Portable fuel cell  Right: Domestic fuel cell system Ene-Farm
  • Left: GaN substrate synthesized at the beginning of the project  
    Right: 6-inch GaN substrate
  • Model of clean diesel engine
  • Display demonstration of a sheet modeled to be thin, lightweight, and bendable
  • High brightness and high output blue laser module
  • Personal mobility  WHILL Model A
  • Disaster response crawler unmanned investigative robot
  • Multi-rotor for disaster investigations
  • Microgravity environment cell culture equipment (Gravite)
  • Blue dress made using "spider silk"
  • Applications of carbon nanotubes:
    Print transistor, O ring, actuator, etc.
  • Partial model of 16-inch RO membrane