4th International Conference on Carbon Recycling 2023

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization


As of September 27
Details are subject to change.

The 5th International Conference on Carbon Recycling 2023

September 27 (Wednesday), 2023
Hilton Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
14:00-18:00 (JST)(UTC+9)
English/Japanese (simultaneous interpretation)

14:00-14:20 (JST)(UTC+9)

Part 1Opening Session

  • Mr. YOSHIDA Nobuhiro, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry,
    Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan
  • Mr. WATANABE Tetsuya, President, Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA)
  • Mr. Noah DEICH, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Carbon Management, Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM), Department of Energy (DOE), United States of America
  • Mr. MITSUOKA Tsugio, Chairperson, Carbon Recycling Fund Institute (CRF), Japan

14:25-17:50 (JST)(UTC+9)

Part 2Panel Discussions

14:25-15:15 (JST)(UTC+9)

[Panel ①] The Role of Carbon Recycled Fuel (e-fuel) toward Carbon Neutrality


Mr. KUDO Hiroki
Board Member, Director, In charge of Electric Power Industry Unit,
The Institute of Energy Economics, Japan (IEEJ)

  • Mr. Jean-Marc LEROY, President, French Gas Association
  • Dr. Paolo FRANKL, Head of the Renewable Energy Division, International Energy Agency (IEA)
  • Dr. HAYASAKA Kazuaki, General Manager, Sustainable Technology Center, Central Technical Research Laboratory, ENEOS Corporation
  • Ms. Meg GENTLE, Executive Director, Highly Innovative Fuels, Global (HIF)
  • Mr. HAMADA Kenichi, Principal, Arthur D. Little Japan, INC

15:15-15:45 (JST)(UTC+9) Coffee Break (Poster Session)

15:45-16:25 (JST)(UTC+9)

[Panel ②] International Expansion of the Carbon Recycling Market


Prof. KONDO Motohiro
Professor, Research Institute for Industrial Technology
AICHI Institute of Technology (AIT)

  • Dr. MORIMOTO Shinichirou, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Team Leader, Global Zero Emission Research Center, The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
  • Mr. Johann CLERE, Vice President, Commercial strategy & Marketing, LanzaTech
  • Mr. NAKAMA Yuki, Project Head, Senior Manager, Green Chemistry Project Advanced Technology Institute R&D Center, Sekisui Chemical Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Wim Van Der STRICHT, CTO Technology Strategy (Decarbonization), ArcelorMittal
  • Mr. Marcos Cano BERTIZ, Senior Researcher on ArcelorMittal Global R&D
  • Mr. Paul KENNEDY, Vice President, International Business Development, Carbon Engineering Ltd.

16:30-17:05 (JST)(UTC+9)

[Panel ③] Creating Business through R&D and Demonstration Base


Nonresident Senior Fellow
Atlantic Council

  • Mr. NAKATATE Tomohiro, Team Leader of Business Development Group, Algal Bio Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. Frank MORTON, Director, Technology Development, South Company Service,
    National Carbon Capture Center (NCCC)
  • Dr. Erik MUELEMAN, Chief Technical Officer, ION Clean Energy
  • Dr. YOSHIDA Junichi, Director, Project Manager, Environment Department,
    New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

17:10-17:50 (JST)(UTC+9)

[Panel ④] Promoting Business-to-Business and Inter-Regional Collaboration for Accelerating the Industrialization


President & CEO,
Promotion of Inter-Company and Inter-Regional Collaboration for the Acceleration of Industrialization,
Kyoto University Innovation Capital Co., Ltd.

  • Mr. YUZAKI Hidehiko, Governor of Hiroshima Prefecture
  • Mr. Mahmoud ABOUELNAGA, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Atlantic Council
  • Mr. ODATE Korehiro, Executive Officer and Energy Company CEO, Euglena Co., Ltd.
  • Mr. KINOSHITA Hiroshi, General Manager, Carbon Neutral & Resource Circulation Strategy Department, Corporate Strategy Division, Mazda Motor Corporation
  • Mr. FUKUTA Masakazu, Chief Marketing Officer, Galdieria, Co., Ltd.
  • Prof. ICHIKAWA Takayuki, Head of Carbon Recycling Implementation Project Research Center, Hiroshima University

Closing Session

Mr. SAITO Tamotsu
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO)

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