4th International Conference on Carbon Recycling 2023

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization


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Because carbon recycling is a key technology for achieving carbon neutrality, the International Conference on Carbon Recycling is held to confirm the initiatives of each nation in connection with technology development/demonstration toward future social implementation, and to hold discussions to strengthen the cooperative relationships among nations.
Based on the Roadmap for Carbon Recycling announced in June of this year, the role of carbon recycling in achieving carbon neutrality, the optimum form of interindustry, interregional and international cooperation and related issues will be discussed. As this is the first meeting of the Conference to be held in a regional area, local initiatives will also be publicized.
On the day of the event, we will also hold a poster session and provide opportunities for networking (limited to in-person participants at the actual venue), so please utilize it as an interaction. We are looking forward to seeing everyone there!

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