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Innovation for Cool Earth Forum (ICEF)


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The Innovation for Cool Earth Forum (ICEF) is an annual international meeting launched based on the initiative of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. It serves as a platform for industry, academia and government to engage in discussions and collaboration in order to address the problem of climate change through innovation in the energy and environment fields.

Annual meetings and online discussion via the official ICEF website enable a continuous exchange of opinions and information throughout the year to accelerate the spread of innovation. A steering committee made up of experts from different countries manages the forum and provides guidance in order to reflect the opinions of interested parties.

Annual Meeting

Meeting The ICEF annual meeting is held in Tokyo every October. The third meeting held in 2016 had the main theme of "Net Zero Anthropogenic CO2 Emissions," taking into account the historic Paris Agreement reached at COP21 in December 2015. More than 1,000 experts from about 80 countries and regions gathered together and enjoyed active discussions and knowledge sharing. In the plenary sessions, distinguished speakers gave presentations and participated in panel discussions having themes such as "Importance of Net Zero Emission of CO2 and Innovation for Realizing the Net Zero Anthropogenic Emission of CO2" and "Evaluation of Paris Agreement and Strategies after COP21." In the concurrent sessions, speakers and participants had in-depth discussions on 16 themes, such as "Hydrogen Energy" and "Smart Grids" in the technology area; "Solar Power Satellites" in the mid- and long-term development area; and "Future of Investment from the Private Sector," and "Prospects for NDCs and Incremental Action" in the policy area. In addition, the ICEF Steering Committee released a statement and announced an appeal calling for the world to emphasize the necessity of realizing net zero anthropogenic CO2 emissions and the importance of promoting private-public as well as international cooperation for fostering innovation.

For details regarding the third annual meeting, refer to the PDF reports below.

Roadmap Project

RoadmapThe ICEF Roadmap Project aims to help industry, academia and government around the world to promote vision sharing and deepen discussions for developing and disseminating innovative low carbon technologies. Since 2015, Steering Committee member David Sandalow, a former Under Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy, has taken the lead to develop roadmaps.
In 2016, two roadmaps entitled "CO2 Utilization" and "ZEB/ZEH*" were launched. The roadmaps were first discussed in a concurrent session of the third annual meeting and then a preliminary draft of each was developed and shared during the Closing Session. After reflecting review comments and suggestions from experts, the final versions were released at a COP22 event held in Marrakech, Morocco. In 2015, ICEF released the "Distributed Solar and Storage" roadmap, which explores pathways for the development of distributed solar technology and storage battery technology.

* ZEB/ZEH: Net Zero Energy Building/Net Zero Energy House

For details regarding the roadmaps, click on the links to the ICEF official website below.

ICEF Top 10 Innovations

exhibitionInnovative technologies, business models, and policies relevant to energy and environment fields announced in the 12 month period of July to June prior to an annual ICEF meeting can be nominated as an ICEF Top 10 Innovation. Steering Committee members and experts select final candidates from the viewpoints of potential for large-scale GHG emissions reduction, excellence in innovativeness, and feasibility. The ICEF Top 10 Innovations are then decided by a vote of ICEF meeting participants and announced during the Closing Session of the annual meeting.

For details regarding the past winners, click on the links to the ICEF official website below.

News Bulletin and Reports of Past Annual Meetings


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