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Innovation for Cool Earth Forum (ICEF)


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The Innovation for Cool Earth Forum (ICEF) is an annual international meeting launched based on the initiative of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. It serves as a platform for industry, academia and government to engage in discussions and collaboration in order to address the problem of climate change through innovation in the energy and environment fields. Annual meetings and on-line discussion via the official ICEF website enable a continuous exchange of opinions and information throughout the year to accelerate the spread of innovation. A steering committee made up of 16 experts from different countries manages the forum and provides guidance in order to reflect the opinions of interested parties.

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting The ICEF annual meeting is held in Tokyo every October. The second meeting held in 2015 featured three plenary sessions and nineteen concurrent sessions. In the concurrent sessions, speakers and participants had discussions on various themes related to specific technological areas such as hydrogen energy, electricity storage, and solar energy. Discussions on cross-sectional themes, including the role of public funding for research, development, and demonstration; technology transfer to developing countries; and investment promotion were also held. Over 1,000 participants from about 70 countries, including 400 participants from overseas, gathered together and actively exchanged information and opinions during the two-day program. In the Closing Session, the Steering Committee delivered the ICEF 2015 Statement emphasizing the following three points to achieve a drastic reduction in GHG emissions:
1) implementation of policies to promote research, development, and dissemination of innovative technologies,
2) establishment of concrete action plans based on a shared vision of the future, and
3) promotion of proper financing schemes for technology transfer to developing countries.

For details, refer to the ICEF 2015 Report in Focus NEDO No. 58.

ICEF Top 10 Innovations

ICEF Top 10 InnovationsInnovative technologies, business models, and policies in energy and environment fields announced in the 12 month period of July to June prior to an annual ICEF meeting can be nominated as an ICEF Top 10 Innovation. Steering Committee members and experts select final candidates from the viewpoints of 1) potential for large-scale GHG emissions reduction, 2) excellence in innovativeness, and 3) feasibility. The ICEF Top 10 Innovations are decided by a vote of ICEF meeting participants and then announced during the closing session of the annual meeting.


RoadmapThe ICEF Roadmap helps industry, academia and government around the world to promote vision sharing for developing and disseminating innovative low carbon technologies as well as taking concrete action. In 2015, Steering Committee member David Sandalow, a former Under Secretary of the U.S. Department of Energy, took the lead to develop a roadmap regarding rooftop solar with storage. Based on discussions by experts in a concurrent session, a preliminary draft was developed and shared during the Closing Session of the second annual meeting. After reflecting review comments and suggestions from other experts, the final version entitled “Distributed Solar and Storage - ICEF Roadmap 1.0” was released at two side events of COP21.

For details regarding the 2015 roadmap, refer to

at the ICEF official website.

News Bulletin of Past Annual Meetings


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