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Report : Smart Community Summit 2021

November 8, 2021

NEDO held the Smart Community Summit 2021 on September 22, jointly with the Japan Smart Community Alliance (JSCA).

It was held online under the theme of "Power System Flexibility to Support Integration of Large-Scale Renewable Energy”. Please refer to the presentation materials and the video on the day from the following.

NEDO for the Future(Music Video)

Theme/ Video

Power System Flexibility to Support Integration of Large-Scale Renewable Energy

Globally, it is needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to virtually zero by 2050, and the world is now entering an era of large-scale renewable energy integration. Especially, it is said that the share of solar photovoltaic power generation and wind power generation, whose power output fluctuates depending on the weather, also known as variable renewable energies (VREs), to the world power generation composition is about 10% at present and will turn to be about 70% as of 2050 (IEA, 2021).

To realize large-scale integration of such VREs, it is necessary to improve "flexibility" in power systems safely, stably, and economically, and its importance is recognized worldwide, including the 12th Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) held in June 2021. In order to increase power system flexibility, various studies and projects are being conducted, from power generation and transmission levels to distribution levels worldwide with information technologies (IT), including maximum utilization of existing equipment, improvement of output prediction accuracy of VREs, control for VRE outputs, smart inverter (virtual inertia), energy storage, demand side management with electric vehicles and heat pumps and voltage concentration/coordinated control.

Therefore, this summit will be held under the theme of "Power System Flexibility to Support Integration of Large-Scale Renewable Energy", and leading experts from Japan and abroad will hold lectures on the current state of the power system, the problems to be solved and the required power system flexibility.

Please refer to the following for the program.

Please watch the video of this event from the following.


Presentation Materials

Speaker Material
Keynote speech
Status of studies for the review of the Strategic Energy Plan
Mr. NISHIDA Mitsuhiro
Director-General's Secretariat, Energy Strategy Office, Agency for Natural Resources and Energy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Keynote speech
Renewables and Distributed Resource integration into the grid -European perspective 2030 and beyond
Head of Section Innovation, ENTSO-E
Power System Planning and R&D
 -Making renewable energy the "major power source"-
Dr. HONJO Shoichi
 General Manager, R&D Department, TEPCO Research Institute,
Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings, Inc.
Invited speech
Accelerating the smart green transformation of energy and power system with double carbon targets in China
 Dr. ZHAO Daiqing
Director of the Energy Strategy and Low Carbon Development Research Center, the Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences
Smart Grid Demonstration Project in Poland
Mr. TANSO hiroshi
Senior Engineer, Power Systems Engineering Department, Energy Solution Division, Services & Platforms Business Unit, Hitachi, Ltd.
Invited speech
Integration of renewable generation into the UK electricity system
Power System Practice Manager, Energy Systems Catapult


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