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Terms of Website Use


  • The copyright of all documents and images contained in this NEDO website, except where otherwise stated, belongs to New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO). This NEDO website as a whole is also subject to copyright as a compilation. All or part of this NEDO website, which is subject to copyright, is protected by the Copyright Act and international treaties.
  • The contents of this NEDO website may be quoted, reprinted, and reproduced in whole or in part as long as such actions are permitted under the Copyright Act for private use, quotation or other use, with clear indication of the source in an appropriate way. However, contents with the indication of any source other than NEDO shall be used in accordance with the terms and conditions provided by the copyright holder of the contents.
  • Users who intend to reproduce any work contained in this NEDO website for commercial purposes are required to communicate with NEDO’s contact point in advance. Reproduction for commercial purposes means the sale etc. of any reproduced program work for the purpose of directly making profits.
  • Alteration of all or part of this NEDO website without the permission of NEDO is prohibited.
  • Any translation provided by NEDO is a tentative one. Therefore, please note that, in the event of any discrepancy between the Japanese original and the translation, the original shall prevail.

Linking to this NEDO website

  • In principle, users are free to link to this NEDO website as long as the source is clearly indicated as NEDO. However, users shall not link to this NEDO website in any manner that makes the source of the content unclear (such as a frame link) or shall not link to this NEDO website from any website that defames or slanders NEDO or that includes content which is deemed inappropriate in the context of common sense.


  • Although utmost efforts have been made to ensure the accuracy of the information described on this NEDO website, NEDO does not guarantee the accuracy and assumes no responsibility for any of the activities users conduct using the information on this NEDO website.
  • Please note that NEDO may change or delete the contents and URL of this NEDO website without notice.

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Last Updated : June 20, 2022