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Development Promotion Project for Practical Use of Welfare Equipment

Project overview

Project period: starting in FY1993, FY2021 budget: JPY 60 million

Due to rapid aging of the population and other factors, there are high expectations regarding the development of welfare equipment to achieve a society that is friendly to disabled and elderly persons. However, because welfare equipment generally involves high market and development risks, it is extremely difficult for companies to realize practical applications of new technologies on their own even after developing them. Therefore, support is necessary to promote the commercialization of welfare equipment by companies, and the goal of this project is to provide support that facilitates, through cooperation between private companies engaged in the development of welfare equipment products and organizations/individuals in charge of facilities where user evaluations may be conducted (e.g. welfare and long-term care facilities), the development and practical application of accessibility-oriented products.

In addition, this project involves the collection of information on user needs—since such information is used to identify issues related to commercialization—as well as activities conducted to convey information on how welfare equipment can be used to resolve such issues and also convey information on the role and appeal of such equipment.

The details of subsidized projects are as follows:

  1. Development period: within three years
  2. Subsidy rate: 2/3 or less
  3. Subsidy amount: JPY 20 million or less per year
  4. Subsidy results: Project started in FY1993, with 229 projects adopted by FY2018.

Basic information

Technical field
  • Welfare equipment
  • Cross-sectoral proposal-based programs
Project code P93012
Department in charge
  • Innovation Promotion Department (TEL: 044-520-5175)