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Development of Technologies for Realizing a Hydrogen Society

Project overview

Project period: FY2014 to FY2020, FY2019 budget: JPY 19.04 billion

The goals of this project are to drastically expand the utilization of hydrogen in the power generation field, build the world’s first full-scale hydrogen supply chain by around 2030, establish energy supply system flexibility, and contribute to ensuring energy security by implementing development of the following technologies:

Research and development item I: Development of hydrogen energy system technology

This item involves developing technology for utilizing hydrogen to stably supply energy as well as conducting demonstration research on this technology. More specifically, this involves developing a way to produce hydrogen by using power derived from renewable energy as well as developing an energy system that combines transportation, storage, and utilization technology.

Research and development item II: Development of large-scale hydrogen-energy utilization technology

  • (A) Building a supply chain for hydrogen derived from unused energy resources

    To establish a stable supply system for introducing hydrogen power generation and responding to the associated demand, a series of technologies is being developed to build an integrated hydrogen chain, ranging from the production of hydrogen by utilizing unused resources overseas, to the storage and transportation of this hydrogen, and finally to the utilization of hydrogen energy in Japan.

  • (B) Developing systems for utilizing hydrogen energy

    To greatly expand the utilization of hydrogen energy, technology is being developed for new energy systems, including power generation systems employing gas turbines that use hydrogen as fuel.

Research and development item III: Comprehensive investigative research

This research addresses the latest hydrogen energy-related policies, the status of relevant activities both within and outside Japan, information on the organization and systematization of technical issues that must be resolved to achieve further dissemination of hydrogen energy, trends in the development of hydrogen energy-related technology, future prospects, technical goals and approaches, and other necessary information.

Basic information

Technical field
  • Fuel cells and hydrogen
Project code P14026
Department in charge
  • Advanced Battery and Hydrogen Technology Department (TEL: 044-520-5261)